Project Details For Alstom Power Turbomachines

Owner: Alstom Power Turbomachines, LLC
Location: Chattanooga, TN

Grading, Demolition, Erosion Control, Underground Retention Structure, Storm and Sanitary Sewer, Curb & Gutter, Concrete Pavement, Base Stone and Asphalt Pavement

Deep excavation and installation of underground "grey water" retention facility

  • Steel building and concrete foundation demolition.
  • Recycled steel and metal
  • Crushed demolished concrete spoils on-site and reused material in the new foundation footprint.
  • Storm water drainage and retention system, with structures
  • Bio-swale installation
  • Sanitary sewer relocation, with structures
  • Mass grading and reconfiguration of older industrial site to present day LEED progression
  • Curb and gutter; sidewalk improvementsSteel reinforced concrete roadway pavement
  • Base stone and asphalt parking lot pavement
  • Fine grading and earth shaping