Project Details For EPB Demolition
Owner: Unum Insurance Company
Location: Downtown Chattanooga

Salvage all interior metals and fixtures, demolish two building using non-explosive means, salvage all remaining metals, grind rubble to be used as fill, haul off any remaining debris.


The demolition project consisted of salvaging and razing two adjoining buildings; one building consisted of 9 stories, while the other consisted of 7, with both having basements, and total floor space of approximately 18,000 square feet. The site will then be built into a parking lot.

After eliminating all utilities onto the project, we constructed a 1200 sq ft concrete reinforced wall underground to protect an neighboring underground transformer station. The vent shafts for the transformer station were also in need of additional protection by the construction of two deflection walls. The first salvage phase of the project consisted of the removal of any re-usable fixtures, windows & doors as well as all removable metal. Once the inside of the building was cleaned, the demolition began using a state of the art Extreme High Reach Demolition Excavator. This machine in one of only five in the world and it allowed us to bring the building down with minimal traffic closures, detours or adverse impact to the busy surrounding city traffic. The salvage and re-cycling started up again by separating the rubble into three piles, metal to be re-cycled, plaster and trash to be hauled to landfill, and all concrete, brick and block to be ground and used as on-site fill.