Project Details For Fred's Department Store
Location: Mont Eagle, TN

The erosion taking place on the slope left by the excavation for the store was beginning to approach the property line and had already compromised the neighboring fence. The property owner had the option of building a block or concrete retaining wall which would cost him in excess of three times the cost of a living wall. A unique challenge was presented here with the corner of the slope being an overhanging sandstone rock face. I’m sure we all have seen trees growing out of rock faces, so we knew that all that was needed was to give the plants a chance and the roots will find there way into the cracks and reestablish the slope. The Filtrexx socks were filled with locally recycled leaf compost and a deep rooting drought tolerant grass seed mixture. The socks were stacked upon one another and either staked in place where the slope was less steep or held in place using straps and earth anchors or rock nails. As you can see, the plants are well established and the root systems are well through the socks and into the existing earth or rock.